Changes In Online Poker Rooms

Everyone who knows me personally (not just from reading this) knows that when I find problems with things in the poker world, point them out and they are changed, I am the first one to shout it out. Hurray for them!

Someone must be paying attention. One of the poker rooms I’ve continually said cannot possibly succeed has always ignored me. Their problems were overwhelming and I doubted they could be resolved. Not that they actually went to any lengths to resolve them, they didn’t. So I knew they were doomed. Over the past week they have pretty much gone out of business and I expect the site will be down before many more days have passed.

Another site has listened to player suggestions. There is only so much they can do, as they are hand-tied by a parent company which makes many of the rules. I’m not sure where they are going, but they remain my favorite site to play on, so I hope somehow they can figure things out.

The last site is very good about listening to player suggestions. While I do not suggest anything directly anymore, someone must be doing the talking for me, or reading here, because a couple of the problems I found with their site were changed almost immediately. I’ll paste the changed concerns I had posted before, and the steps that have been taken:

  • No names for games —A couple of tables have recently be re-named
  • Zero incentives for non-cashgame players —This has not actually changed yet, but there are some further incentives for cashgame players starting 2013

For something I have only been talking about during the past week or so, these changes came pretty fast. Kudos.

Good luck!


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