Scammers, Beggars and Thieves

…Oh, and Cheaters, too!

One thing I’ve always hated most about the poker world is the scumminess of it. I know, one could make the case that this is pretty rampant in most anything. Look at charities! Even in cards, cheating pretty much killed Bridge. Now decent people are forced to do the duplicate Bridge problems in the newspapers.

I had been playing pretty seriously at one online poker site for a couple of weeks. I go through trends like that, giving almost all of my time and business to one site, until I simply can’t take it anymore, then moving onto the next.

I finally reached critical mass last Friday. The one thing that makes the site worthwhile as a low-limit grinding place is also the very thing that killed the joy for me. I know, you’re thinking that this is a contradiction in terms, but it isn’t. Think of it this way, the one thing that can make Thanksgiving the best holiday, family, can also ruin it, right?

So going back to my original point…The site is unbelievably soft. It’s almost like those old computer programs which were skewed in your favor to win. That is the main plus about playing there. The “good” community was a bonus, too. But as always, just a few bad apples can ruin the bunch, and that is what did it for me. Well, I take that back a bit. It wasn’t the bad apples so much as the “good” apples that enabled the bad apples. While I want to be a cynic and sit back and laugh at good people getting scammed over and over again, then lining up for yet more, my conscience simply won’t allow me to do that.

So what, you ask? Simply turn off the chat. Easy, sure, I did that. But it sort of takes the enjoyment out of losing such a good community. Poker has never been easy. And losing a feeling of friendship, even while in a competitive group is a tough thing for a shut-in like me.

To sum things up, I want to do a list of things that simply cannot exist on an online poker site if the owner expects it to succeed. Quick overview here, and if it generates enough excitement I’ll go through the list point-by-point giving my reasons why these things need to be addressed and if anything has been done by printing time:

  • Site hacking (bringing down site in attempt to either take over or hold for money)
  • Multiple accounts playing the same tournament
  • Collusion/Chip Dumping (using multiple accounts at the same table or by teams)
  • Scamming for money (offering to buy or sell then not following through on the other end; reversing charges)/Begging for money (abusive begging, multiplied hourly/daily/weekly)
  • Abusive chat (to an extreme)
  • Chat/Site viruses
  • Angleshooting (using the software to take advantage of a glitch or in chat)
  • Money Laundering
  • No names for games (using something like 1/2 Blind NLHE instead of both the description and a catchy name like: Rhode Island [smallest state in the USA], etc)
  • Zero incentives for non-cashgame players:
    1. No leaderboard
    2. No winners posted
    3. No rakeback
    4. No FPP program

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