Poker Mentoring

I know that I just recently posted about not coaching anymore. And don’t think I’ve changed my mind.

But having said that, sometimes I wish I could coach someone and watch them blossom. There is a guy on one site who plays somewhat like I used to play. He will play winner-take-all tournaments which have a turbo style structure and short chips and play very tightly. So tightly, in fact that he will literally fold when he has less than a big blind left and someone raises his SB, BB or etc. Why leave yourself with less than one big blind when even if you double, triple or quadruple up you still cannot win? The poor guy can’t win this WTA to save his life. In order to win he’d have to not get unlucky, not get outdrawn, get way more premium hands than the mean, get great hands when someone else gets a 2nd best great hand, flop monsters, etc. This doesn’t happen often enough in a turbo situation where the entire event lasts less than 30 minutes and/or 30-60 hands. Waiting around is just not a winning strategy. He is absolutely unwilling to take a chance. I wish I could give him some advice. I’ve been through that super-tight-blind-yourself-off-and-still-get-nothing-out-of-it-bubble-girl phase. I guess I would tell him what I finally learned after so long:

Second place pays the same as dead last!


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