Binking a Tournament

Remember me telling you about the “big” online tournament last Sunday? Then the winner/scammer problem? Well, this week it was my turn to win. Here is my story:

I guess I should have know things were going to go well for me. The first hand I had KQ in decent position and took it down with a pretty standard raise. Yeah, yeah, you could say everyone is being cautious that first hand, so it was a gimme, but let’s say it was fate, just to be funny ;)

I got a lot of good hands during this event. More importantly, I got a lot of action during those hands, and players who often had the 2nd best premium hand. I will say, however, I never had AA. Things simply collided so that I was able to get the most out of my great hands/flops.

For a while I held the chip lead or the top few. I eventually lost that and got blinded down quite a bit when desperate stacks started making moves pretty much every hand. I didn’t beat myself up about it, although I was pretty rough on myself after one misplayed hand. Looking through the hand history makes me cringe a little, as I’m sure better players would have made more of these good to great holdings and the flops they were getting. Then again, had I played more hands, I might not have won, so there ya go.

When we got HU, I think I was a 3:1 dog in chips. Fortunately for me, my opponent liked playing small ball and limped, almost never raised. He did bluff a lot post-flop, but would fold to big bets/raises as well. Eventually I got the chip lead, then stupidly doubled him up with a marginal holding. Yeah, amateur hour here, but I only made that mistake once. Never again.

Not long after wrestling back the chip lead, things were over. Funny enough, not one beggar on this rail, nor since in the main chat. Guess people aren’t as dumb as I give them credit for being ;)

All and all, I had a great time. I was going to post more hands and thoughts about them, but it’s been long enough since the win, and I can’t seem to get the motivation. And I’ll leave that problem along with its resolution for the next post!


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