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You remember the old Felicia Rants? Well, sorry to report nothing so obtuse as that these days ;)

I just can’t pull the trigger anymore. I guess maybe because I’m actually alive and healthy (for me, anyway), after so many years of being sickly. It’s so much tougher to be bitter-party of one, when I’m ecstatic to be here!

But I do need to plug some leaks in poker. I try to help people. Big mistake. Really it is. It never, ever, ever works out for me. No, I don’t mean monetarily (hello! If I was bright it would pay off in that way!). I mean emotionally. I help people win and most the time don’t even get a simple thank you. I mentor people for weeks/months/years for pretty much nothing in return. And as much as I’d like to say it helps my game, too (which is the main reason I do it), it really doesn’t. I’d get a lot more out of my time and improving my game by reading and studying.

People like Ray Zee, Max Pescatori, Carl Frommer, Ted Forrest, et al have mentored me in the past and I’d like to think I haven’t let them down. No, I never became a WCP, but I’d like to think I was a first class friend and extremely loyal. I hope I never forgot to say THANK YOU a million times.

I love you guys.

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