Poker Ethics

Lately I’ve found a new site to play on. I’m starting from freerolls, as you know from my previous posts. This new site has both cash games, tourneys and freerolls, so some players have truly deposited money. While I am not in that crowd and would not deposit money on any poker site these days, I do sometimes get caught into a trap of advising players who are in it for real funds.

Last night the site had their “big” tournament. Compared to something like Stars or Party in the old days this was not huge. But for low limit tourney players this was a big score. One player, nicknamed brownpants talked a lot of trash (BP), but played pretty well. He enticed me to rail the final table. That was a big mistake!

Once there were four players left, a medium stack took out another and suddenly became the chip lead (CL). The trash talker, BP asked him to split the remaining prize pool. He declined.

Now this is where things went wrong very quickly. The chip lead vetoed an even split of the prize money, since he was very much the leader at the time. Instead of the trash talker gracefully saying something like, “No problem,” and continuing to play, he instead started needling CL. And then, to compound his error, he proposed to the 3rd player (DS) that they would “knock out the chip lead and make a deal” amongst themselves. To his credit the 3rd guy did not go along with this.

BP finally said, disgustedly, “Fine, then I’ll knock him out myself!” Boom, I don’t like this.

After some super aggro play, BP did just that. Then brownpants went on to make himself look even worse. He suggested a chop with DS giving him only about $10 more than second place itself paid!!!! Granted, BP had DS out-chipped about 2:1, but dang, forget about the $10, he is freerolling for the win!

Suffice it to say, DS didn’t go for this deal, but not for the reason I listed. Because he just wanted to play! Good for him.

In the end, BP did win, and DS got second place money. But the point is that Brownpants crossed the line on many occasions. I tried to patiently explain to him why his chat wasn’t kosher, but he responded that he was only concerned with winning, not with poker ethics. He was a good player, but not a sportsman.

I left him with this:

“Someday I’d like to tell people you are a great player and a great sportsman, too.”

He never said another word. I hope that by accenting the positive and not addressing the negative I gave him something to think about!

(edited to introduce the guilty party. The next day he scammed some of the players and Bitcoin traders out of money. Can I pick ’em or what?)

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4 Responses to Poker Ethics

  1. whiskeytown says:

    I’d be curious to know what this site is – you can pm me on the side if you don’t want it documented – I’d like to find a differently place to play online after black friday and am pretty unthrilled with the one site I have a few bucks on

  2. Felicia Lee says:

    SWC. I’ll write a post about them soon. I’m FeliciaLee there, too, if you decide to sign up!

  3. Jimulacrum says:

    I play on SWC too, though I’m only climbing my way up baby stakes at the moment. My handle is the same as the one I’m commenting with.

    Brownpants should have been penalized for openly trying to team-play. I suppose it’s a good thing that he got himself banned by some other means. I’d be pissed if I were to have to deal with that in any game; in fact, I’ve stood up and left live cash tables for less. There’s nothing wrong with trash talk, but trying to enlist someone in collusion is way over the line.

    • Felicia Lee says:

      Nice to see you here. We couldn’t be more in agreement. I have noticed that the stealing seems to have been stemmed somewhat. There are even some words in chat that are blocked now to try to help prevent some of the thieving. I’m sure anyone could get around it, but that is why they are scamming in the first place, they are too stupid to win by legal means.

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