Best of/Worst of Poker Websites 2012 Nominations

Once again, I’m gearing up to post my picks and pan of poker websites. Yes, I missed a few years due to extreme illness, but that can’t be counted against me ;)

I do an annual rating of poker sites.  This may be because back in the early days of poker blogs (circa 2003) I was one of the rare bloggers who expressed my picks and pans in a public arena.  This earned me quite a reputation.  For every hundred positive comments or pieces of feedback, I typically got a flamer, stalker or two. While this might seem trivial in the overall scheme of things, one or two stalkers can be pretty overwhelming.  Eventually I had to take my site to a private subscriber-only format on LiveJournal.  This worked much better for me.

Now let’s fast forward many years.  I have been MIA for most of them due to some extreme health issues.  Most of my public sites were hijacked and put into syndication.  So I had to start from scratch, and here is where I am today.

So in that vein, I would like to update my picks and pans for poker sites.  My categories can run from the plain and obvious to the radically bizarre, so your mileage may vary (YMMV).  There is still time if you are interested it getting my feedback. Please refrain if you are one of the recreational players who doesn’t take poker seriously. Enjoy!


  • Best Poker Website (General Poker):
  • Best Tournament Reporting (Live):
                               ~Pauly, ~Andy Glazer Lifetime (this will not change)
                               ~Jesse May
  • Best Tournament Reporting (Online):

~Jesse May

  • Best Poker Blogger (Non-Pro):

~Bill Rini

~Drizz (nickels & dimes)

  • Best Pro Poker Blogger:
                               ~Daniel Negraneau
                               ~Shirley Rosario Lifetime
  • Best Stud/8 Website:

~Steve Badger (Stud 8 and tournament Stud/8)

  • Best Omaha/8 Website:

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