Why Do I 3-Bet A2o SB vs Button?

Why Do I 3-bet A2o SB vs Button?

I love this site.  I started getting a ton of hits from Hungary and just assumed that Gene Simmons was toting my website (ha).  No, it’s Major Dan (sorry, can’t say MadorJan). Um, not that he’s pimping my site, but my comments have caused others from Hungary to migrate here. Also Germany, Russia, Serbia, etc.

Anyway, I liked this post and decided to play a whole other scenario off of it, due to the fact that I mostly play live and Dan mostly plays online. So why would I 3-bet A2 in a LHE heads-up game?

Well, for the reasons I mentioned in his comments. Defining the hand I’m up against, mostly. Watch some of the NBC Heads-Up Championship videos on YouTube sometime. The players who 3-bet an Ace tend to do better post-flop than those who simply call. Yes, I know that it’s NLHE, but this tends to apply universally…Now as to the comments:

I agree with you, Dan. I think it is very important to three-bet with A2 or pretty much any ace, any pair, any king-royal, etc. I don’t play much LHE anymore, but in my opinion the most important reason to three-bet is “defining” his hand. I hate playing blind. I mean we are already OOP against the button. Why further handcuff us? Obviously if the button has something we are going to get four-bet. So then we know where we stand. If he smooth calls then we can at least put him on a range or “define” his hand. If an ace flops our hand might be good. If a royal or two flop our hand is not likely good, but at least we know where to proceed from there. We can also define a drawing hand (either our own or his) by having three-bet PF. There are lots of advantages with this move, and I agree with you, very few drawbacks. Obviously there are times and places to smooth call. The more control we have over the button, the more it might be to our advantage NOT to three-bet (but this is not common). NOT to define either his hand or ours. For instance if we know absolutely that he will call down with any raggedy pair to our flopped ace, it might be advantageous to only smooth call knowing our future equity will more than make up for the missed half-bet pre flop.

More later…

Felicia :)


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6 Responses to Why Do I 3-Bet A2o SB vs Button?

  1. madorjan says:

    Hey Felicia,
    Thanks for mentioning me, I appreciate it. Yeah, we come from totally different backgrounds, but that just makes our discussions even more fun.:)
    I’m really interested in the discussion yet to come. I’m curious about your thoughts on this: if you 3bet every Ax hand HUHU, don’t you think it’s very hard to represent A hi boards in general when you just called from the BB?

  2. Felicia Lee says:

    Yes, he can put me on a hand easily. I think it should not only be any Ace, but any pair and any King-royal, Q-connected, JT, suited connectors, etc. But it is so much easier in theory than in practice! One of my biggest leaks in HE is my lack of ability to mix it up. I am extremely easy to put on a hand (and off one, as well). Unless I play Hold’em routinely I get way too predictable. I just don’t have the drive. Now, put me on a Stud table and I can be very tricky and deceitful.

    I would like to have this discussion on 2+2, in the HU HE forum, as well. Do you mind? Please participate there, since it is your post to begin with!

  3. Felicia Lee says:

    Oh, and get ready for the onslaught, Dan! Well, I could be wrong, LHE is not as popular as it once was, obviously.

  4. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for supplying these details.

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