Seven Card Stud-Beginner’s Guide

I’m often asked how to begin to play Seven Card Stud (7CS). I typically give this type of advice. I also encourage new players to try Stud variants  due to the insanely high variance of 7CS (high only).  Here are some of my tips for the beginning player:

  • Do not play on Stars.
  • Buy, read, consume, think, do over again 100x the book: Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players.
  • Consume anything by Ray Zee.
  • Read posts on the 2+2 Stud forum. Watch time and again as the best players respond to hands and situations.
  • Play freerolls online like HORSE, Razz, 7CS, Stud8, other mixes.
If I have a flush draw (spades) at sixth street how many live spades should I have at the table so I can call to see the river?

How many were dead on 3rd? What kind of spades do you have? Something like AK6 to start and then catching a Ten might be worth a lot, whereas something like 28Q might be drawing dead to the 2nd or 3rd best hand, even if you make it. If someone is betting and raising with three of a suit showing on 5th or 6th, their suit is very live, your suit is pretty dead, you don’t even have an ace, or any other hand that might back into a winning hand (pair, two pair, etc), your hand might not be worth much.

If I face a raise with a pair and have a low kicker what are the minimum requirements to call and see the Fourth Street? And to complete (raise)?

I’d say if you have something like K3K and the raiser has xxQ you can re-raise. If you have Q3Q and the raiser has xxK, his kings are live, one or more of your queens are dead, maybe a three is dead, too, this hand doesn’t have much value. When you have kicker problems your pair strength is very important. The liveness of your hand is always important, too.

One thing that I believe Ray said in the past is very important in poker: Think about what you want to happen with your hand.

Is your best case scenario going to be drawing to the 2nd or 3rd best hand at showdown? You don’t want to be in that situation. You want to be thinking about the best hand, not one that will get there yet still lose. Think about where you want your hand to go. You want to SCOOP the pot, not consistently lose with the second best hand. Good luck!


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