Glenn’s Online “Roadmap” Experiment

Glenn decided to take ten Step One SNG freerolls on Carbon to try out my Roadmap experiment.  You know, the modified Sklansky System to prove that “Rocks Can’t Win Anymore.”

So he took some apps and put them over the dealer chat, his own cards and the table header that tells a player what his hand is at that moment.  He played five SNG’s the regular way, five SNG’s using my Roadmap.

In the first five, normal SNG’s he won 2:5.  In the second five experimental SNG’s, he won 2:5 !  He did tell me, however, he was forced to abandon the experiment in three of them, as they were already all-in shovefests from the get-go, and he couldn’t manipulate the table.

Basically, he said that in the two successful experiments (successful meaning he was able to do the roadmap, not that he necessarily won) the affect on the table, the dynamics were probably the most noticeable change he could perceive.  The table “tilt” and the players “out to get him,” were extreme, in his opinion.  Since the tournaments didn’t take nearly as long to complete, he said it was worth it to play in this manner from now on when possible.

He won one, lost one, btw.

Felicia :)


Before the flop:

  1. If you are the first person in the pot, and are in MP or later, raise
  2. If you are checked to in either blind, raise
  3. If you are heads-up in position, raise or re-raise


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