Representing a Made Hand in LLO8

Representing a Made Hand in LLO8

Riverside $2-6 Spread Limit O8

A lot of you know that when I was recovering from chemo I had a hard time playing poker.In Omaha, I’ve never had to look back at my cards. I memorize them first time through, and then watch the players on the flop and after, instead of constantly sneaking peeks.

I also like to fish and trap a lot, a holdover from my spread limit Stud days while learning poker. I like to put in lots of bets and raises late in the hand, not early.

I have also loosened up considerably, and make plays now that I formerly didn’t.

I have a funny hand to talk about.

For years I played O8 at Riverside in Laughlin. The players in the O8 game are very, very loose. If I’m in a pot, it’s 10:10. If I’m not, it’s 9:10. Yes, every hand. It’s typically passive, so not many players are worried about the pot being raised up.

I have learned not to bluff or try to steal pots in this game. Ditto raising and reraising nut low hands. They overvalue low hands to the point of almost ridiculousness.

Yesterday, however, the game was typically loose and passive pre-flop, yet was being bet regularly with nut high hands post-flop.

So I have this hand on the button:  A23Tr

The flop comes down with a ten, two spades and two non-counterfeited low cards for me. I decide that no one has the nut flush draw since it isn’t bet.

The turn completes the flush in spades with the 2s. Now I have the nut low, with two pair. I decide to bet my two pair (tens were still high pair) and nut low, figuring anyone sticking around with A2 was just killed for low. Since it was passed to me, I want to represent the nut flush and take it away from the non-nut flushes. I absolutely know that no one has the nut flush because it was passed to me twice on the button.

I got four callers. So much for that!

On the river, I made one last stab, knowing that even if I was quartered, I’d still get my money back.

Not only was there another A3, but there were two flushes! One was an eight high, the other a jack. So much for representation!

No, I didn’t know either of these guys, and they didn’t know me, which is probably the only reason why this play didn’t work. A couple of guys I’ve played hundreds of hours with at this table were chatting, “Now you know his non-nut flush is no good. She’s not betting anything else, she’s a rock!”

Boy, were they suprised when I turned up my two pair with the bare nut low!

Suddenly the whole table erupted. “What was she doing? What was she thinking?”

Although my play backfired this time, it was still a good play that I haven’t been able to make for over a year, and would have worked with the regulars in the game, to give me 3/4th of the pot.

I still made over $100 in two hours, which is not abnormal for me at this game. I have my brain again. Thank God!

Felicia :)


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