Winning Stud Hands with Rolled Up Aces

How is that for the most fitting title?  Such a no-brainer!  But here is a fun hand I played once at 20/40 Bellagio Stud:

I won a huge pot with rolled aces.

Some players get so unlucky with rolled hands. I hear lots of stories, and Glenn has showed me so many hands online where he lost being rolled up.

I am extremely fortunate that I almost never lose with a rolled up hand. This helps me in two ways. First off, I never get a case of the MUBS, so I continually pound rolled up hands when I have many opponents drawing against me. I definitely make the most of my rolled up hands which win. Pots are typically big, because I don’t chicken out when I see a four-flush against me. I just know I’m going to fill and that is that ;)

At any rate, on this hand I was extremely fortunate because the opponent next to me had the case ace as his doorcard. So I had the advantage of disbelief working for me. Also, I had been raising quite a bit with high doorcards and stealing many pots. I was involved in almost 50% of the hands thus far. We had started out a little shorthanded, plus I found myself with a lot of royal doorcards in last position when no one had opened. So between legitimate hands and stealing hands, I was in tons of pots. My opponents probably saw me as a young, cocky, WPT female wannabe who was running over the table. Although I am almost 40, to the elderly Stud players, I probably look the same age as the 20-somethings!

So I had two unbelieving opponents when I was rolled up. And I just kept pounding. One guy made his flush on sixth, but the pot was so huge that I just kept right on going.

On fourth, he tried to play the semi-bluff “raise a scary board for a free card next round” trick, but I simply kept raising him. I believe he had a jack doorcard, then caught the ten of the same suit on fourth. I saw him look down at his board, look at my board, look down again. I could almost read his mind, thinking that he had such a tough looking board, that maybe he could fool me into thinking he had a straight flush draw. Well, all I can say is, a four card hand is not a made poker hand, so until you shove that straight flush up my butt, I’m going to keep raising!

Luckily, there was a victim caught in the middle of all of this, who kept passively overcalling everything. I’d make it one, he’d cold call, JTs guy would make it two, I’d make it three, passive guy would overcall.

Passive guy overcalled all the way to the river, then folded for one more bet! Oy, maybe Stud isn’t dead after all!

Almost an $800 pot. Nice.

Felicia :)


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