How to Build Poker Self-Confidence with No Risk

Omaha 8/b exists for the same reason that country music exists. There has to be something for people who aren’t good enough to play anything else.”

–Linda Sherman

Naturally I’m speaking of micro-limits here (online). I am not presuming to speak about the 4/8 games and up.

Omaha 8 is one game where forcing a win is almost guaranteed if you can just turn off your brain for a minute. It’s so ridiculous, it’s almost not worth playing. No mental entertainment whatsoever.

I’m reminded of those few and far between times when someone notices that a slot machine is malfunctioning and set to pay in his favor. He knows that someone is eventually going to notice and fix the machine. He knows that this is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yet after a few hours of pushing buttons, he starts to wonder if the big payday is even worth it. He can’t go to the bathroom, can’t get anything to eat, has to push the buttons as fast as he can before someone sends security over, and worst of all, his mind is not entertained at all. It sucks, but what a huge payday if you can bear it for a few hours!

Omaha reminds me of the same concept. Sit there long enough, and you can force a win. It’s almost perfect for someone who wants to take no chances and wants no variance, like me.

Odd to remember that I’m a Stud player, a huge, risky endeavor.

But it does help pass the time. And I guess that is all that matters.

Felicia :)


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