Cashing in a Tournament Without Ever Winning a Hand

One of the specialties in my repertoire is cashing in a tournament without ever playing a hand, or ever winning one, at times.  I do it almost every night on Cafrino.  Here is an old post about a tournament I played, placed 3rd, and never won a hand!

We started out with 11 players like a sit-n-go, squeezed into one table. There were multiple rebuys, as many players called all-ins. Most of the players played the tourney like it was a cash game, and they even sucked at that! Playing draws seemed to be the common way to go. Players would go all-in on any draw, even if not the nut. Any two suited, any two connected, regardless of gaps, were played to the river.

I picked up JJ early in the tourney. I was called in too many places, and knew I was beat on the flop. I dumped it. We quickly got down to about seven players. After paying my bb of 200, I was down to <800, so I made a rebuy for $10, which gave me 800 more. I ran cold until I picked up AQ on the button right before the rebuy period ended. I shoved all-in, only to be called by one of the best players there, who sat to my left in the SB and had KK. I got no help, and got another rebuy. My cards went even colder, and I saw nothing even in the top 8 groups, so I folded hand after hand.

We were down to five players when I was in the BB with only 600 chips left. The blinds were 400/200. I got trash and folded to 3 all-ins (two players were all-in, and were called by a 3rd, who had the best hand). Suddenly I went from last, to third, without ever winning a hand!! I was all-in with my trashy SB hand, and I was all out.

Felicia :)


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