Carl Frommer

Carl Frommer

The first time I sat at a table with Carl was at the Orleans in 2004. I knew him from somewhere already. Probably I saw him at Binion’s during the WSOP, which was the first time I played in a “major” event. Since we don’t have TV, it wasn’t ESPN, but I found out that he’d been on ESPN because he came in 5th in one of the NLHE events. Only like the 3rd biggest event ever at the WSOP.

He’d also been on the WPT, but I hadn’t seen that episode yet, having only seen the episodes that some readers sent to me, feeling sorry for the no-TV girl.

So I recognized Carl from seeing him in person. Anyway, we were playing in a $500 NLHE sat at the Orleans. Being the queen of blunt that I am, I just outright asked him from where I recognized him. He was kind enough not to snap at me, lol. I admired his style immensely. We play NOTHING alike, but I saw something in him, a spark, a hint of the WCP (world class player) that he is.

We chatted until I got bumped out. When I saw him the next morning, he said he’d gotten bumped out, too, so he was trying again. Guess who he was trying against? Yeah, Glenn. MY Glenn.

They got heads up, but Glenn had him out chipped about 3:1. After talking a while, I told Glenn that he should chop it with Carl. Glenn agreed, knowing Carl had much more experience than him and that the blinds had gotten too high, but Carl refused. Why did he refuse? Because he thought Glenn was a chump and he could take him even as a 3:1 underdog? No. He refused because he thought it was too unfair to Glenn.

In a series of a couple of hands, Carl suddenly had Glenn about 3:2, I believe. Now Carl says, “Let’s chop it!” LOL, he didn’t want to chop as the underdog, but now that Glenn was outchipped, Carl wants to split.

That’s Carl in a nutshell.
So why is Carl so nice? And why is he living in LA? And why is he so humble? Questions I can never answer. Guess he’s a freak of nature, lol.

Anyway, that was the start of my friendship with Carl. My first instincts about him were correct. There is something there that equals superstar. Maybe it’s because he was a semi-pro Stud player for 20 years before switching to HE full-time. Maybe he was just born under some lucky sign, destined to be not only a great player, but a great human being, too.

So because of Carl, I decided to give the LAPC a try. I’m not crazy about the juice. (I’m hoping I can get some of Carl’s action, or trade a piece with him. Nothing that would change our play against each other, in the odd event that we ended up at the same table, but something to give me a piece of a star.)

But Carl will be there, the 50k will be there, the 15k for satellites. The field is pretty soft at Commerce, there are lots of non-NLHE events for me, Glenn does very well in their cash games, etc. So I’m going, if I feel this good in ten days.

World, meet Carl Frommer. A superstar world class player and all-around fantastic guy!

Felicia :)


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