Omaha 8 Story: Knowing When You are Beat

Carbon Poker

At Commerce, I saw a guy only willing to go three bets with the ace high flush in LO8. Most of the table berated him, because although there was a straight flush possible, the players were extremely live and would call down with second, third and fourth nut hands (both low and high, but especially low).

I never berate anyone when I play poker. It’s much more than refusal to tap the glass.

After the hand was shown down, and the berating began, I commiserated with the winner, saying that I don’t always keep raising heads-up with the ace high flush when there is a straight flush onboard either. (I didn’t tell him this, but most of the time I do.)

In the not so distant past, I was running extremely bad in O8 and a funny quirk happened.

I had the ace high flush in an online LO8 game. I kept raising. I think we put in our four bets (cap) and that was that. He scooped me with the nut low and the straight flush. No biggie, next hand please.

And next hand it was…haha! I once again had the ace high flush, someone once again had the straight flush. Yes, two hands in a row at the same table.

Now, does that make me look for MUBS (monsters under the bed)? No. Although a straight flush is much easier to get in O8 than in other games, I typically keep raising. Too many times I have half or more of the pot. Too many times some dumb tamarind keeps raising with a bare nut low. I rarely get quartered with the nut low and the ace high flush. While those two back-to-back hands stand out in my mind, I will not let such an odd occurrence hinder good play on the river.

Felicia :)


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