Cleve and the Riverside

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Last night we went to the Riverside for some juicy 2-6 O8 fun.  Cleve was playing with us. He gets fed up with O8 at times and refuses to play. Then he comes back. He always comes back. He is not your typical happy-go-lucky tourist. He is unhappy when he wins, unhappy when he loses. I never really realized just how unhappy of a guy he is until last week when Glenn left the table for a good HE game and Cleve said, “Good! I’m glad he’s gone! I don’t like him!”

Anyone who has ever met Glenn or had dealings with him knows that it is almost impossible to dislike Glenn. He is the most easygoing guy on the planet. This is when I knew Cleve was truly unhappy.

So last night Cleve was sitting by me. The game got a little tight, for O8, and Cleve was complaining about it. He was pointing to each player, “He doesn’t play, she doesn’t play, he won’t play…” because we don’t play every hand like Cleve. He hates it that some players will fold before the flop, and always expresses his dislike for this practice. So I volunteered, “Oh, you want someone to play every hand pre-flop? Okay, I’ll do it, I’ll be your guy.” And I did.

Of course, I ended up outdrawing Cleve by this practice, and won a decent pot off of him (top and bottom pair, checked on flop, turned into a full-house on turn).

Cleve wasn’t so happy that I decided to play every hand after all. As soon as another seat opened (across the table from me in the two seat, I was in the nine), Cleve asked for a seat change. LOL, poor Cleve. So much for wishing outloud, you may just get what you ask for.

Okay, it’s time for me to try to get in a nap, if I can just keep from coughing up a lung in the next couple of hours. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Felicia :)


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