Carbon Poker Maximus III Satellites

Carbon Poker

Yesterday Carbon finally published their list of satellites for events in Poker Maximus III. Glenn says I use too many short-cuts and abbreviations here and new players have a hard time understanding them.  So I’ll explain what a satellite is in another post.

One thing that is very common in the tournament poker world is that all satellites are NLHE.  Even if the tournament schedule contains some non-NLHE events, all of the satellites will be NLHE.  This is pretty much what people want.  It also makes things much simpler.  In B&M casinos inexperienced dealers can deal NLHE satellites.  Even LHE events tend to have NLHE satellites.  It didn’t always used to be this way.  But for simplicity’s sake, most live and online satellites are NLHE.  This is obviously what Carbon is doing this year as well.

So that makes my Stud 8 tournament find even more valuable.  I doubt I will be playing these satellites.  There are much better regular tournaments, SNG‘s and even cash games that are a better value than the Carbon PMIII satellites.  I try to find the best value, but usually the field is more important than the vig.  For instance, I’d rather pay 10% on a tournament buy-in with a soft field than 8% with a tough field.  I’d rather play a Re-buy/Add-on tournament where the juice is 10%, but nothing on the R/A which might cut the percentage in half.  Carbon has a good quarter tournament every night.  It has one optional re-buy and one add-on.  The juice is 8% on the original buy-in, but nothing on the R/A.  So that can cut the percentage into 1/3 of that.  Most people tend to take both.  I’ve only played this tournament twice, but it was very soft.  Once I didn’t cash, the other time I placed fourth.

The Stud 8 is a great value, too.  Yes, the vig is 10%, but the field is incredibly soft because Stud 8 is probably the toughest regularly spread tournament to play correctly.  So that increased the payoff for the expert Stud 8 player.

So all-in-all I am happy with the PMIII tournament schedule.  I am disappointed in the satellite schedule.  But that is made up for in the regular tournament listings available.  Now if they just get some Razz tournaments and events going my world will be complete!

Felicia :)


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