Cafrino Poker

A new player who is looking to get into online poker asked me to make a post about a free site called Cafrino Poker.

I will talk about the site, as well as quoting some of my comments from the 2+2  threads:

Okay guys. It’s not a mob family, it’s not an energy drink, it really is just a poorly named USA-only poker site. It’s in beta, but you don’t have to download anything, because they have their awkward, clunky client running for you on your browser (oh, the humanity; wait until you see this).

Right now they are only paying out, no cash games, no pay tourneys. People have actually cashed out and gotten their money.

If you look at their schedule of payouts and prizes, you will see that they are very ambitious. I can’t imagine them ever getting as far as they are advertising. I mean, it’s way over a million dollar payout on the HU sng’s. No way they will generate that kind of revenue with their rotation of three advertisers, lol. It takes forever for the FR sng’s to start once you get above step three or so. It also takes a while to fill the HU sng’s past step four.

Another obvious flaw in their thinking is that no matter how high you get in their HU sng’s, as soon as you lose or win any cash you have to start all over again at step one. So it took forever for me to get up to step seven, only to lose KQ vs. K2, and I got absolutely nada for it, and had to go back to step one. Guess I should have “played for cash.” At least then I’d have gotten a nickel, lol.

One of the new features of Cafrino is that one is allowed to build a “team.”  For everyone you refer to the site, you will get a piece of them, 100%, up to 10k.  Another ambitious promotion.  Although I have played longer than Glenn, he has much more money than I do, because he referred me and gets 100% of eveything I win.  Remember, this is a free site, so you are not referring someone to a place where they will have to deposit actual cash. Nor am I referring you to a place where you could actually lose real money.  My player name is Feliciana, so feel free to use me or someone else you know to be on a team.

Anyway, feel free to sign up. It’s clunky and it’s beta, but it’s free, and people have actually said on 2+2 that they have GOTTEN THEIR MONEY. So you really have nothing to lose. Cheers!



(Scale of 1-10)

Site name = 1
Software = -10 (yes NEGATIVE 10-it’s so bad but what can you do)
Speed = -5 (there is a 20 second or more delay between hands; average hands is about 50 per hour)
Advertising = 2 (its bad but tolerable as this is how they pay us)
Player base = 1 (it’s so bad-PLEASE if you want a FREE place to play and possibility of making decent money COME PLAY HERE!! It’s bad software and slow – but it’s LEGAL in USA and it’s FREE!!!)
Cost = 10 (it’s free to play)
Withdrawals = 8 (people have got paid out pretty fast-it’s directly to paypal for now but it’s quick and easy)
Lobby = -10 (this is really bad-this is one of the worst things about the site)

My cafrino name is: Donkalish

Heads up tickets
Step 1 = unlimited (these are free)
Step 2 = 36
Step 3 = 26
Step 4 = 19
Step 5 = 13 (hard to get players to sit at step 4 and higher – you can wait a LONG time to get opponents-this is something WE CAN CHANGE! COME PLAY!)
Step 6 = 7
Step 7 = 4
(Again-if there were more players it would be much easier to move up the ladder-the only real reason I don’t have more step 5, 6,7 is there is nobody to play against!)
Step 8 = 0 (I’ve never got anyone to play against me at step 7 so this is where it stalls out)

Single Table Sngs
Step 1 = unlimited
Step 2 = 11
Step 3 = 4 (again it just takes too long to wait for a table to fill)
Step 4 = 1 (this is where it stalls out for me-I don’t have the hours to wait to have step 4 and higher tables to fill up. PLEASE COME PLAY!)

Multi-table Tourneys
I’m actually about to play in my first MTT Freeroll

They have mtt freerolls everyday but I’ve never had opportunity to play in one.


Glenn’s Trip Report:

Glenn placed 2nd in the first Sunday double last night. He was never a huge stack, but grinded along for a couple of hours and suddenly it was heads up.

Next the 8pm event started. He quickly became the chip lead, deciding to play loose and fast due to just finishing the earlier event and being tired. Instead he just kept sucking out (donk).

After he made a horrible suck-out, someone asked his how he could 3-bet 43o. Actually, he came in raising and was mini-raised by KK.

Back when the average chip stack was about 2k, he had 12k! He was quickly up to 25k, but never got much beyond that. On this one he busted out 3rd.

He didn’t make a deal, even given the enormous pressure of the other players, simply stating, “i wont million.” When told that wasn’t possible he corrected his statement to “million peso” and asked for a Polish interpreter.

He is wondering what to do with his huge balance ($13). Upon deep reflection he has decided not to cash out until he can buy everyone (and the Getty’s) a caffeinated drink at the Cafrino Bar in Brooklyn, NY.


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2 Responses to Cafrino Poker

  1. Lowell Scott says:

    tried to cash out never did receive pay out

    • Felicia Lee says:

      It’s been years since I played there, and I believe they shut down then relaunched with new owners. I never had any problems getting paid, but perhaps things have changed.

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