The Well

I have been a part of 2+2 for about ten years now.  It is my second home online.  Recently someone in Stud forum decided to do a “well” on me.  The premise is that the person in the “well” is supposed to answer all of the questions put to him for as long as the thread stays current.  So here are some of the questions and answers.  This may give readers a little insight into my thinking, especially when it comes to Stud.  It also brings things into a more current perspective vis-a-vis today and Stud.  Enjoy!

Question:  How loosely should you defend the bring-in in Stud high, is it auto call with a low pair and live cards vs the typical A/K door completion?

Answer:  This is dependent; dependent on cash games vs. tourneys. Late tourney vs. early/middle. Position, chip count, etc.

I tend to defend with live cards. If, say, I am the BI with 3K/3 I will almost always defend with live cards, especially if the King is higher than the door card of the person completing. If the King is suited to one of my pair and that suit is pretty live I am also defending even against an Ace in most cases. Also depends on the ante/BI structure.

I try to gauge the table when deciding whether to defend my BI or not. A table with a lot of over callers will make me more inclined to defend, especially if I have a drawing hand (three suited, three connected, etc).  At a tighter table with a lot of folding, I might actually even re-raise with something like 3K/3 when he completes with a Queen or lower. I try to isolate with pairs, encourage others with drawing hands and rolled up hands. Live cards mean so much in Stud. The more live my hand is the more I tend to defend, even in tricky situations (short stacked later in tourneys/against clever opponents, etc).

Q: Since your absence, how much do you think Stud-games have changed? (analysis, videos, etc)

A: Analysis is interesting. People are way more open minded about playing hands different ways, instead of the old 2+2: “poorly played on every street!” Since Stud isn’t just a nits game anymore, different viewpoints can be held without getting into a flame war.

The only time I ever found decent Stud games during the poker boom was either in a tournament setting or at Foxwoods. I was able to play up to 50/100 Stud at FW only b/c I wasn’t the live one.

As far as Stud videos, the ones I’ve seen have been televised live Stud events. Of course Ted’s win in 2004 with my chips is the one that YouTube always matches on. I remember Chad Brown never got over that loss. He was bemoaning it for years. It is still a classic, Ted calling him down with unimproved deuces. Chad and I played tourney poker together a bit, since we were both Stud players, and he was always telling me that Ted didn’t outplay him, that he just played those deuces WRONG ON EVERY STREET (shout-out to 2+2ers, lol). Naw, Chad. I like you buddy, but I think you got outplayed.

Oh, and as far as Stud and popularity go, I’m amazed to see that my Stud theory posts on my website have more hits than any other posts! Someone hijacked my old site (I guess for the archives), but I just added “poker” to the original name and started a new one.

Felicia :)


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