Ted Forrest Knows Razz

I was sweating Ted play in a 400/800 Heads up Razz game in 2005.  Anyway, we started talking and he was telling me about the Razz game. I don’t have the bankroll to play in that game, nor would I even if I did, because I’d surely be dead money. Although I love Razz, I think it may be a few years before I can compete in Ted’s game ;)

So Ted then proceeds to say, “Felicia, you could play in this game, seriously. I guarantee that you would be one of the top three players at this level, if you were to play this high!”

I started cracking up, waved my hand over the table and said, “Um, of course I’d be one of the top three players in this game, Ted, YOU ARE PLAYING HEADS UP!”

Ted turned five shades of purple and started protesting that it wasn’t what he meant.

Felicia :)


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One Response to Ted Forrest Knows Razz

  1. bagsmode says:

    Yes, this actually happened, I was there! It was too funny.
    On a side note, she won’t play 400/800 Razz, but she did take over for Miami John at 100/200 when he asked her to while he went to the bathroom! I don’t think she played a hand, but it was fun seeing her playing black chip poka!

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