I’m Back

Hi, everyone.   My health has gotten so much better and I’ve decided to return to the poker world.

I couldn’t get FeliciaLee because I guess someone hijacked my old site.  No biggie.

I am playing poker again.  Oddly enough, not live yet, only online (started by free rolling). I also have a lot more fun playing Hold’em than I ever did before.  Maybe all of these years off have mellowed me out on the HE issue.  But yes, Stud is still my favorite game.

I would tell you that I have changed quite a bit, but having me say it won’t convince anyone.  Hopefully actions will speak for themselves, and I won’t become the person I was so many years ago.

Poker seems to have returned somewhat to the way I remember it before the big boom. Some things are much better than a decade ago, but I am happy to see that Stud is no longer a four-letter word, mixed games are popular and things aren’t so faddish that the vig is outstanding anymore.

I’ll post some more when I think about how I want to start.  Until then, cheers.

Felicia :)


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