George Fisher

I just got word on 2+2 that George Fisher passed.George was involved in the poker world for many years, both as a player and as the WSOP Director of Operations, at Binion’s in Vegas.

I met George last summer at the Four Queens Classic. He was an expert Stud player. We played in satellites and in the Razz/mixed games cash game. We played in some tourneys together, sometimes at the same table, given the smallish fields. George was there almost every day.

He was very soft spoken, yet authoritive, never afraid to speak up when conditions demanded it. He was always fighting for the integrity of the game.

On our last trip to the Four Queens (final Stud event), George asked me for our phone number, so that Glenn and I could come play his home game. He had a monthly game on his house boat on Lake Mead, the Arizona side, which was closer to where Glenn and I live.

I am so glad I got to meet and get to know this wonderful man.



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