$1000 Seven Card Stud Tournament

Who Plays Stud Anyway?

The second day of the tournament festival featured a Seven Card Stud event. The buy-in was $1000.

Player after player came to the tournament area, only to see the competition and run for greener pastures.

Who could blame them? The hearty Stud holdouts these days are the best of the best, as fields narrow to the NLHE boom.

Although the tournament was short, it was richly filled. Players like Charlie Shoten and Carl Bruckner were sure to give the very best a run for the money.

Some of the toughest Stud players represented included Jean Gaspard, the “Prince,” who counts Stud as his best game and has been playing tournaments since 1996. This 32 year old is always polite, and a true scoundral at the table, laughing it up, while taking every last chip from his amused opponents.

Mike Rabinowitz lives right here in Las Vegas, but also counts Stud as his best game. Although games are tough to find these days, he hasn’t lost any of his love for Stud Poker. He began playing tournaments in 1998 and is always on the hunt for a good Stud game.

Harold Barber was one of the veterans at our table, an avid Stud player for 40-odd years, who considers Razz his best poker game.

Rounding out the top players was Louis A, long time professional player who makes Columbus, Ohio his home, but spends most of his time in Las Vegas. He never shrinks from a Stud game, even when the competition is tops.

The field was so tough that not one opponent was knocked out for over three hours.

By 6:00 pm, there were still five. Jean had recently taken the chip lead, pulling ahead of two other competitors who were all about average stacked until that hand, Harold and Felicia Dyer. Yes, yours truly. Raising with aces on third, making aces and kings on sixth, I was outdrawn by Jean’s flush and lost the chip lead, giving a large pot to Jean, who was then firmly the chip leader.

Play continued for just a few more hands, until Jean offered the table a deal we couldn’t refuse. The payouts were as follows:

1st Place Jean “Prince” Gaspard $3,650
2nd Place Felicia Lee Dyer $1,240
3rd Place Harold Barber $1,240
4th Place Mike Rabinowitz $1,240
5th Place Louis A. $1,000


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